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Encounters (2020-22)

​Over the last two years, we have encountered several important and critical events including the global pandemic, Black Life Matters and the political/social justice. I have felt anxious about the current situation and uncertainty towards the future. This new series of work in charcoal and ink expresses my concerns and desires for equity, cultural diversity and unity during this difficult time.

The inspiration for this series came from my stay-at-home life experience which has created physical and psychological challenges for individuals and families. I continue using longhair in figurative and portraiture formats to record growth and change over time as well as commenting on experiences associated with these events. During the pandemic lock-down, many people have let their hair and beard grow long enough to serve as masks or wrapped scarfs. To me, this hairdo has become a new icon of 2020. Even though we had to keep social distancing , there were strong needs for inner connection and love such as in many virtual ways like tree roots.

I have also practiced more meditation in order to help me focus and readjust to this surreal experience. Finding a balance between highs and lows is as equally important as reset the priority in life. The revolutionary movements and demonstrations for social justice, such as Black Lives Matter movement, reminded me of the iconic Chinese revolutionary imagery of the upraised fist which I used to express my “solidarity” with BLM. The most recent charcoal drawings of barbed wired hair and fence are my extended ideas on boarder and immigration control in the US.

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